TREKO, meaning yarn of wool in the chilean natives dialect,  is a company that works with master artisans from a small island in Chile called Chiloe to create an extensive line of luxury textiles for the design trade.

These artisans fuse elements of design with traditional weaving and knitting from XVI century using 100% natural wool.

These techniques where used by the Huilliche community and has evolved since the arrival of the Spanish to the country. During the colonial period, the importance of these textiles where such, that they were the second most important income that the island send to Peru. 

This traditions among the centuries have been lost and our mission as TREKO is to bring them back to life with a contemporary perspective supporting the artisans culture and history.


 |  Wool and Sustainability | 

Wool is an all-natural renewable fibre, grown on sheep. Sheep are part of the natural carbon cycle, consuming the organic carbon stored in plants and converting it to wool. Fifty per cent of the weight of wool is pure organic carbon. 

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We pride ourselves in creating socially and ecologically responsible, 100% handmade wool products in unique designs.


                                                   Handcrafted in Chile, inspired by traditions.